Your Voices, Heard

Many of you may have already seen my post promoting the petition to the American Cancer Society for the expanding cancer awareness in the NFL. Some of you may have even signed it… Continue reading

Turn it Teal Tuesdays: Turn the Towns Teal, Inc.

Tuesdays at Take Back Teal are “Turn it Teal Tuesday” and I’ll be featuring an organization that works specifically for ovarian cancer. Much like “Must Know Monday“, “Turn it Teal Tuesday” will hopefully… Continue reading

Petition to the American Cancer Society: Expand Cancer Awareness in the NFL

Dear Readers, Please sign the petition created by a woman in Washington. The aim of the petition is to expand cancer awareness in the NFL. Clearly, the NFL upset a LOT of people… Continue reading

Must-Know Monday: Imerman Angels

Must-Know Monday will be a weekly post that features an organization that works for all cancers. The efforts of these groups help to reduce the imbalance between ovarian cancer and all other cancers.… Continue reading

Toilet Paper, BJ’s [the wholesale club], and the NFL

A quick trip to BJ’s Wholesale Club was yet another educational (and somewhat irritating) experience.  Selected items are marked with – you got it – pink and part of the profits from the… Continue reading

F.O.R.C.E – Teal and Pink Can Live Together

Serendipity is alive and well! When we turned on the T.V. this morning, I just happened to turn on CNN – a news channel that rarely  makes an appearance in our place. A… Continue reading

Men, Sex, Ovarian Cancer

I posted recently about Sex Appeal and Ovarian Cancer, and I’d like to expand upon that discussion. I’m most certainly looking for input from you and anyone you know. What is it about… Continue reading

“There’s Just No Money”

I’d like to relate a personal story.  When my mom was sick, we lived between NYC and Philadelphia, therefore being lucky enough to have access to some of the best medical care in… Continue reading

“I knew ovarian cancer urgently needed public attention.”

Kelli Sargent’s mother’s story in the Huffington Post is echoes so many other articles I’ve posted: Mom would be alive today if we had known the signs of ovarian cancer or if there were… Continue reading

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