About Take Back Teal

Promoting ovarian cancer awareness through teal style, fashion, and trends is fun and engaging – and gets people talking about ovarian cancer!

For far too long, I saw that breast cancer and their pink campaign, products, and fundraisers received more attention than ovarian cancer – but this shouldn’t be,  since they are found to be so closely related.

Ovarian cancer is far too deadly and serious to not share the same stage as breast cancer – I am disturbed by the lack of publicity given to ovarian cancer and its signs, symptoms, and dangers.

I created Take  Back Teal to use fashion for a cause – we get dressed every day, so why not take one day and use it to talk about ovarian cancer? Our homes and our style are both reflections of ourselves – this is our chance to take back teal for ovarian cancer awareness.

Pink is not the only color of cancer – through simply getting dressed in the morning and thinking twice about what products we buy (or crafts we make), we can all work together to raise the level of ovarian cancer awareness to that of breast cancer!