6 Ways to Raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness on a Budget

With so many amazing ovarian cancer awareness groups out there, it’s impossible to not want to fundraise for all of them! Despite your best intentions, though, your budget might not always allow for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even yearly donations to multiple campaigns.  Don’t let this get you down – there’s so many other great ways to spread awareness for ovarian cancer, and I’ve posted a few of my own ideas below. Hope this helps!

1. Wear teal on Tuesdays. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist :).

2. Host a mani-pedi day with the girls and get a talented manicurist to design teal ribbons for you to show off! I’ve posted these ideas a few times in my blog, but why not just get together and do it? It’s just about official “open toed shoe weather”, so no more excuses!

3. Even small donations count. If you’re dead-set on giving money, you don’t need to feel compelled to give large sums. A few dollars for smaller organizations could help cover the cost of maintaining a website, and they definitely add up. You never know what your donation, no matter how small, will be used to offset the cost of running the campaign.

4. Give your time. Time is money for most people, and if you’re a current cancer patient, time is everything. With that in mind, why not reach out to an ovarian cancer awareness organization near you and see what help they need? Some may ask you to:

5. Get creative! If you have your own talent (such as knitting, crafting, painting, sewing, etc.), why not donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice? If you’re already having a sale and purchased the materials, it’ll be an easy win! Lee’s Hope Jewelry is already doing this and it’s be a huge success.

6. Get growing. Have a garden? Why sell the fruits (and veggies) of your labor and donate the funds raised to a local ovarian cancer awareness group? I recently started a raised 4×4 garden in my urban “backyard” (read: concrete slab) by getting a frame and filling it with organic dirt purchased locally from Greensgrow Farms. Any surplus will be sold for a small price and donated. Fresh-cut flowers can also brighten up any chemo treatment center :).

A flower from a bouquet at the Eastern Market ...

Fresh cut flowers from your own garden always cheer people up! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have a favorite way to raise ovarian cancer awareness on a budget? Let us know below, or get the conversation started on our Facebook page!