Guest Post: Islamic Women Show Their Colors in the Fight Against Cancer

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We have all seen the statistics about various types of cancer. Irrespective of the numbers, we know that cancer is going to affect us at some stage, whether that is through developing cancer ourselves, or because someone close to us does so and relies on us for support as they go through treatment and, we hope, the recovery stages.

This fact alone gets everyone involved with the fight against cancer. Disease is perhaps the only thing in the world that gets everyone pulling in the same direction as we seek a cure and better treatment options for various conditions. In the 21st century, cancers of all types top the list in terms of this global quest.

How we Show Support

People can show their support in the fight against cancer in many ways:

• Donating finances to various charities, or old goods to charity shops
• Raising money for charities in other ways, such as taking part in local events and larger ones, such as marathons
• Volunteering at any of the above events, including in cancer related charity shops
• Wearing a symbol representing their support of the fight against cancer

When it comes to symbols, many things are worn. A pink ribbon is the common representation that you are committed to beating cancer. However, different cancers are represented by different colors, and some people do not like wearing ribbons.

Wear Fashion for Cancer

With that in mind, fashion around the world is being produced that makes it easy for people to show their colors. Some of the fashions we see are specifically designed to raise awareness of cancer, and as well as being a specific color, will often carry a charity message or an inspirational quote. Others are not made with cancer specifically in mind, but can be powerful nonetheless.

Islamic fashion is perhaps not the first place you would look for cancer related clothing, but it is definitely something that allows Muslim women around the world to embrace anti-cancer movements.

Islamic Clothing: Show Your Colors

Modern Islamic clothing is stylish, desirable, and loved by the women who wear it around the world. A woman can raise awareness of ovarian cancer, for example, by choosing to wear a teal hijab. If a person wanted to represent cancer awareness in general, then a pink abaya cloak or a kaftan dress would be a suitable choice of attire.

Islamic clothing also allows women to wear these colors at all times, whether that be in the workplace, at home, or in a social situation with their children and friends. The global fight against cancer is not limited to specific times of the day or situations, and nor should the times be when people want to show their support.

Fighting Cancer

Islamic clothing is a huge niche of fashion that offers a range of opportunities for supporting anti-cancer initiatives around the world. This is in addition to the various styles that people can already wear with cancer in mind. Whether you choose teal for ovarian cancer, pink for all cancers, or a color related to a specific cancer that has affected on you, you can do much to show your colors and support the global fight.

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