New Grief Support Group for Daughters in Philadelphia

I just formed a grief support group for women aged 18 – 30 who lost their mothers to cancer. If you or someone you know can benefit from a group like this, please feel free to share or join the meetup group!

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, May 22, 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM. The location is TBD, as I want to see what kind of response I get. The first meeting will be a meet-and-greet, very casual “getting to know you”. We can also discuss what direction we’d like to the group to take.

I formed the group for a few reasons:

1) There were support groups for children who lost a parent, but nothing for “children” aged 18 – 30 (we are all someone’s child, no matter what age!);

2) I spent countless hours searching high and low for a free, local, grief support group for this specific demographic and none existed. If I want it, then someone else must, too.

Please spread the word! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

grief support group, meetup

Join the On Our Own grief support group for motherless daughters aged 18 – 30 who lost their moms to cancer. Philly area.