Teal Color Schemes

I’ve gotten so many questions about the color “teal” itself – “Is this teal?” and “Does this count as teal?” are probably the most common.

Teal comes in so many varieties and shades that truly depend on the manufacturer, fabric, and style of your clothing/accessory/shoe. Check out some of the variations we’ve found (and to me, they all count):

teal clothing, teal, ovarian cancer awareness

The color teal has a rainbow entirely of its own.

I’ve seen teal that runs the gamut of minty green to aqua to a true dark teal. For raising ovarian cancer awareness, it all works. Besides, it’s less about the shade of teal than the point of the cause :).

If you’re looking for some ‘official’ teal accessories to show your support for ovarian cancer, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has a beautiful teal scarf that’s a good shade to start with if you’re new to the teal movement.