How to Wear Teal Skinny Jeans

It’s winter, it’s cold, and you’re running out of ways to wear teal for ovarian cancer awareness spirt. I’ve got a solution for you to beat the winter fashion blues: Pick up a pair of teal skinny jeans and layer on your winter accessories to stay warm and stylish.

I personally LOVE mixing teal with bright colors since I like showcasing my own personality through my clothing. Ovarian cancer is a serious disease; showing your support for it doesn’t have to be monochrome!

Want some style inspiration? Check out what I’ve put together for you below – if you like it, tell your friends. Spread the word for ovarian cancer while sharing your love for fashion! Double awesomeness. I love it.

ovarian cancer awareness, fashion, teal

Wearing teal this winter for ovarian cancer awareness doesn’t have to be boring. Pair it with a mix of bright colors and some warm weather accessories and you’re set!