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Positive thinking is an art form – just ask anyone who ever read The Secret  or practices mindfulness. Our friends over at OVA1 (who are running an amazing Share Your Story campaign to “Pump Up The Volume” on this disease) posted an article on their Facebook page today about  Eva Moon, a woman at risk for both ovarian and breast cancer.

The woman – called a “previvor” due to her high risk of developing ovarian or breast cancer – underwent a full hysterectomy and mastectomy to reduce her chances of developing either illness.

Moon, a songwriter and performer, wrote a one-woman show telling of the struggles – but also the “sillier” moments – she faced during her life-changing decisions. According to Moon, the songs she wrote are “hilarious”, which is exactly what we like to hear!

Life doesn’t have to stop because this happened – Eva Moon

Ms. Moon, we couldn’t agree more.