OVA1’s January “Share Your Story” contest winner…drumroll, please!

Here’s a shameless plug for both myself and OVA1 – the “first FDA-cleared blood test that helps evaluate an ovarian mass for malignancy”:

OVA1 runs an ongoing promotion (called “Share Your Story”), designed to “Pump Up the Volume” on ovarian cancer. The premise is really quite simple, but speaks loudly with its lasting impact: Participants are asked to simply share their personal experiences with ovarian cancer in 300 words or less. One story per month will be chosen as a winner, and the lucky author will have $50.00 donated to the ovarian cancer charity of their choice.


Submissions are displayed on OVA1’s Facebook page and can be freely shared with anyone in your community and beyond. I love this campaign because it gives ovarian cancer the “faces” it needs to show how serious this disease really is and why it needs to attention it deserves.  After all, anything that is humanized becomes a lot more urgent, doesn’t it?

I promoted this campaign several times because I think it aligns very nicely with Take Back Teal’s founding principles. Talking about ovarian cancer brings awareness, and personalizing anything makes it a whole lot interesting. I decided to make a submission of my own and found out yesterday that I was chosen as January’s winner!

I’d encourage you to take a look at OVA1’s mission, research, and contest and think about submitting your own OC story. We all have so much to say – now is your chance to truly use it to make a difference!

You can read my submission below:

Inline image 1

I chose the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc., as my designated charity of choice. They are also based in Philly and I really love what they do for OC in this city (plus, they’re my neighbors :)).

Thank you so much, OVA1!