Must-Know Monday: I Had Cancer

What is Must-Know Monday? Take Back Teal was founded on the principle that all cancers deserve equal treatment and we applaud those groups, companies, non-profits, and organizations who work for all cancers, not just one.

I Had Cancer is a cancer support network that Take Back Teal has been following for quite some time.  Their mission (“helping people deal more effectively with life before, during, and after cancer”) is truly a social experience. By sharing your story, they believe that

Your experience will help all those affected in unimaginable ways.

According to their website, their goal is to “prevent or undo the feeling of seclusion that is often experienced by those who have been touched by cancer”. Like TBT, they believe that sharing your story can truly make a difference and possibly even save a life.

They’ve realized their goals in very interactive and social on-going campaigns; Dear Cancer, for example, allows participants to candidly “Tell Cancer how you feel”, which is an excellent venting resource for those who don’t maintain a blog or journal. Other users are free to reply to these posts (and commisserate, for sure!), but most importantly, it reminds everyone that they are not alone. Anger is a very common theme, but the beauty of Dear Cancer is that posters can finally feel safe (and validated) by expressing their pain, fury, and fear. Since many cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers are often forced or compelled to “be strong”, this can serve as a safety valve for all of that justifiable rage.

5 Words 2 Cancer, I Had Cancer’s second on-going campaign for cancer awareness, has been so much fun to see evolve. Anyone is invited to tweet, Facebook, and upload their picture with their own “5 Words 2 Cancer”…What would you say, in five words, to cancer?  We love it – there is so much joy, pain, anger, and strength coming from so many different people from so many different walks of life. It’s a positive and “real” way to interact with others in the cancer community. Love it! What a great idea.

For those who prefer discussion boards, I Had Cancer maintains active and supportive traditional discussion groups with high levels of interaction and response. It’s this kind of community that helps people heal. It’s this kind of support and togetherness that reminds people that they are not alone.

What we love about I Had Cancer is their positive attitude and encouragement to others, which is the kind of social support that some may not be lucky enough to have in person, but can be found through I Had Cancer’s various social media websites.  We applaud their on-going campaigns and highly encourage you all to take part or follow them, too. We appreciate their ability to give cancer a face and name, because doing so reminds everyone that cancer doesn’t discriminate.









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Dear Cancer
Dear Cancer

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