Celebrity/Public Figure Support?

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A conversation arose between me and a fellow TBTer. A number of celebrities have been affected by ovarian cancer on some level, yet we were both shocked that none (to our knowledge) have really adopted it as ‘their’ campaign.  Why not? The President’s own mother, Ann, sadly passed away from this disease – but I’m surprised that not even that has spurred the office to action. Granted, they do proclaim September as ovarian cancer awareness month every year, but that’s not enough (obviously).

Cancer is bipartisan and whether you support her or not, the First Lady is seen as a fashion symbol to many, and a role model to not just a few. She could be a huge player in the fight for ovarian cancer awareness and our TiTTC. I would love to let her know of our movement for ovarian cancer….via letter, of course. But you know, I’m sure they’re already inundated by requests like this…I’m sure it’s worth a  shot though, right?