Women vs. Men, and Why it Matters

We’ve gotten some GREAT discussions going on the Take Back Teal Facebook page, and it’s been brought up that ovarian cancer is still considered a “woman’s disease”. But clearly, it’s not.

Men are affected by ovarian cancer because they have moms. Or they have a wife. Or they have a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, a step-sister, a half-sister, a cousin, a great aunt, a friend, a girlfriend, a teacher, a mentor, a co-worker, a boss, a business partner, a church parishioner, a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse….

Obviously, men and women can both get breast cancer, so it’s understandable that both could join forces against that disease. But women and men both get on board for prostate cancer and testicular cancer…and of course, the cancers that afflict both genders.

Cancer, therefore, is not gender-neutral.

I was listening to the radio a few weeks ago and the discussion somehow came up about sexual education in the schools. A caller was broadcast, a working-class man who supported sex-ed in the curriculum. He stated that he’s learned more about sex through his child than he ever did. When questioned about what he learned, he said, “I never knew that women got their cycles based on ovul…. [ovulation]”.

Here’s a problem. Why is this news to him? Because traditionally, women’s “problems” were just that…women’s only, nothing for a man to worry about. If this doesn’t change, then we will never be able to speak to a large demographic who needs us (and that we need, too). We’ve already talked about the sexualization of breast cancer – it’s okay to talk about breast cancer, i.e., breasts, but most men still don’t want to hear about ovaries, uteri, fallopian tubes, etc.   Breasts are sexy, but cancer isn’t sexy.

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We’re all connected. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ignorance isn’t necessarily bliss.  How do we change this?

Our core group of faithful dude followers have been wonderful…we know that women more than men take more care toward their health, but that is changing. Thoughts?