Take Back Teal Cards are in progress!

So, it’s official – Take Back Teal cards for the Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge are currently in the works. I have several of you already interested in having a handful to give out on Tuesdays for the TiTTC…I can’t wait to see them.  These are ‘test samples’ and they’re simple, to the point, and simply say what we’re doing and direct interested parties to our relevant links.

This is only a proof and still in progress, but I'm a straightforward, bold person...and so are these!

This is only a proof  of the reverse and still in progress, but I’m a straightforward, bold person…and so are these!

The fronts will just be teal colored with, “Ask me why I wear teal on Tuesdays.” in white. These are post-card size and tiny…but still in revision.

What do you guys think? Suggestions/comments welcome as these are revised!