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Wow. Nearly 300 followers on Facebook and I’ve reached my goal of over 100 pledgers in the Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge by last Friday (we are now at 103).

To be honest, I never expected such a following or so much support. But I saw a need to fill, and dammit, I wanted to fill it. Someone needed to be more outspoken about the imbalance of attention for ovarian cancer vs. breast cancer. And I couldn’t do this without watching those organizations who are already successful…you learn to be successful by standing on the shoulders of giants. standgiants

I’m so glad that there’s so many of us working for the same cause, but I knew I had to add my own ‘twist’ to it or else I’d literally lose my mind. I can’t be polite about ovarian cancer anymore. I can’t hide the sense of urgency I feel, or my outrage at the love affair the media has with pink. It’s a marketing tool, plain and simple. We all know that.

But cancer shouldn’t be exploited in order to raise money and/or awareness. What’s the point of that? Sure, we make money, but cancer shouldn’t be a popularity contest. The last time I checked, it was never popular to have cancer – any cancer, be it of the breast, ovaries, penis, throat, lungs, lymph nodes, blood, rectum, pancreas, prostate, testes, brain, skin, mouth, stomach, liver, or anywhere else.

What should be popular is the desire to raise awareness for cancer.  The desire to bring awareness to lesser known cancers so that you could potentially save one life. 

I don’t believe in bugging people to get them on board; that almost never works. I’m sure I’d see a huge jump in numerical attention, but as much as I love numbers, that’s not the point.  Quality vs. quantity and I know I can do it, we all can. I’m not alone, we are all working together.

So, I’m going to go ahead with my card-making now that I have a great logo (thanks again, www.betsystepler.com) and even more supporters, and people who have indicated that they’d be interesting in giving out cards. Awesome!

Take Back Teal will grow. Slowly but surely, we’ll become strong. But I definitely can’t do it alone…and that’s why every single day I’m thankful for all of you who follow Take Back Teal’s journey.

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