We want you to be a guest blogger, TBTers! <3

….and we are looking for great ideas for our next blog post!

We hear so much good feedback from our followers that we felt it’s time to give you a space to speak your mind. Since many of you share our sentiments , we want to give you a place to be heard. If we get enough interest (which I know we will), we will turn this into a weekly column. The more of us that band together, the better. We understand that not everyone has the time to create and maintain their own blogs, but you still deserve a place to share your thoughts with others.

Some more information:

1. Ideas/submissions must fall within the scope of Take Back Teal’s mission: To promote equal funding and awareness for ovarian cancer. We are not just an awareness group, but we truly believe that we need to partner and share the stage with our pink cousin, Breast Cancer.

2. Personal stories of “cancer discrimination” are ALWAYS welcome – these help strengthen our arguments and truly personalize the damage done by unequal funding/attention.

3. All are welcome, even if you have never been personally affected by cancer.

4. We welcome differing views and opinions, because that’s how we grow, evolve, and learn. If you disagree with us or any other posters, please feel free to submit your comment!

Thank you!

To submit your idea, please share it in a comment on this post, on our Facebook wall, or email us: takebackteal@gmail.com. We will choose an idea next Thursday.

Best to you and thank you for all of your support!