The Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge: Round 4

Happy Monday, all! Monday’s now my favorite day of the week because….that means tomorrow is the fourth Tuesday of the Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge!

I’ve utilized Facebook Events to create an invite that went to just my friends list…a modest 200+ people. After publicizing the event on Take Back Teal’s Facebook page, the invite list has grown to over 1,400 people. I am so happy, excited, and touched to see how many people genuinely care about ovarian cancer and this movement.

It only takes one person to make a difference – that’s all. I truly believe that anyone wearing teal on a Tuesday and striking up a convo with a stranger could seriously save someone’s life.  I believe in this so strongly that I’ll never give up until I have at least 10,000 people pledging to wear teal every Tuesday for a year. And once that number is reached, I’ll set the bar even higher (good thing I’m a Type A personality…)

So, here’s the deal:

If anyone asks, Take Back Teal is founded by one person (me!), and we’re not just an awareness group. I believe that there are plenty of amazing and hard-working ovarian cancer awareness groups out there…TBT’s founding principles is its believe in the need for equal attention and funding for ovarian and breast cancer (see why here and here). As much as I’d love to be able to focus on more cancers, I have to remain more granular at this point until we really take over the world (and we will).  I also have an unwavering principle: Funding sources must make sense and emphasize an overall healthy and active lifestyle.

The TiTTC was started because EVERYONE notices what you wear, whether you like it or not…and when you’re wearing something great, people will comment. Why not use your most noticeable features as a conversation starter? When people ask you why you wear teal every Tuesday, you can have a damn good reason why (instead of…”I just rolled out of bed and got dressed in the morning and it smelled clean.” <–Not like I know that from experience or anything *giggle*). For some great Tealspiration, feel free to visit Take Back Teal’s Pinterest (totally addicted, won’t lie).

I love seeing how TBT keeps evolving. Every great idea starts out small and constantly changes until it finds its true form – and that’s exactly how I see TBT! I am working on a video blog (I start and then I hear how I sound and I’m still not used to it, hahah) and I am planning a meet-up group for residents in the Philly area. Not in Philly? I’d love to have a satellite meet up the same night! At some point, I’d like to create a strategic plan so we can really take off. If this movement can save at least one person’s life, I will live happily ever after.

Still my favorite ever.

In other news…Over the weekend, Jason and I visited Love Park’s Christmas Village (love Philly!). The Make-A-Wish Foundation had a “Wish Wall” where you could donate $4.00 and write your wish on an ornament. Here was mine:

Here’s another one:

That ovarian cancer’s detection rates fall to 60% diagnosed in Stage 1, not Stage 3 or later.