Dear Cancer: A Thank-You Letter

Dear Cancer,

Guess what? You – Cancer – might have taken my mom, but you didn’t take away my spirit. In fact, thanks, Cancer, for making me a fighter for every single person affected by you. You put a spring in my step that wasn’t there before and that extra energy I have is called strength. I stand taller now because you gave my life a purpose, so guess who’s having the last laugh now?

By the way, I’ll always be one step ahead of you because I have something that you don’t – a whole lot of people who dislike you just as much as I do.

And you know what? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you might think you’re winning because you’ve taken so many people’s lives. But even if you do manage to kill someone, you’re making your victim someone else’s inspiration to keep battling you.  With that said, thanks again, Cancer, for lighting a fire in me that I never knew existed. I’m not broken down yet.

So, thanks again, because what doesn’t kill me not only makes me stronger, but pisses me off – and I’m focusing all of my energy on you.


Your Worst Nightmare

Guess which one I chose?