Shoppin’ in a Teal’d out Wonderland

If you’re thinking about doing your holiday shopping in the stores, why not try an easier – and more beneficial – avenue? This year, stretch your dollar even further by purchasing perfect gifts that also benefit ovarian cancer!

Plus…you can stock up on your – and your friends’/family’s – teal stuff for the Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge!

By the way, if you’re not looking to add any more “things” to your home (after all, who doesn’t love the simple life?), make a donation in each of your gift recipients’ names. I did this last year for Big Cat Rescue in Florida and my friends absolutely loved it. In fact, many were honored. I started this tradition last year and I have no plans to stop! If you have your heart set on a specific surprise, try shopping through the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s Shop and Support Page. Find your retailer on the page, click the link, and viola – the retailer you buy from will donate a set amount of your purchase to the OCNA. How easy (and awesome) is that?

Not in the US? You can still donate! Two of my favorite non-US ovarian cancer foundations are Ovarian Cancer Australia and Facing Cancer Together (based in Canada).

Take a look at some of the great retailers below where you can shop and give part of your proceeds to ovarian cancer fundraising!

Color Club Nail Polish - OCRF Glitter
We all know I’m a huge fan of Color Club’s Ovarian Cancer Research Fund teal colors! 50% of the proceeds from sales of this polish go to the OCRF! Perfect stocking stuffers!

Teal travel mug for our pumpkin lattes? Sign us up!

Have a reader in your life? Take a deeper look at the  strength, struggle, and psychology behind ovarian cancer.

Ladies Cotton Spandex Jersey Yoga Pants

Cute+Comfy+Charitable Yoga Pants?  Check!

Can’t you teal we just love nail polish? Just For Women will donate part of the proceeds of from sales of their “Don’t Teal My Heart Away” shades to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
Jewelry? Well…yes, I think we’ll take one (or some).

Click to View Enlarged
This gorgeous scarf will look great on you (especially on this chill Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge days!) and will also create sustainable business for women in Africa. Who could resist?

Click to View Enlarged
Looking to help women with breast and ovarian cancer? Check out The Dream Foundation’s amazing start – and help them grow! They partner with F.O.R.C.E, a BRCA group we discussed in an earlier post.

For the writer you know, WORD (Women’s Oncology Research and Dialogue) has partnered with Kolleen’s Kards – watercolor designed cards made by Kolleen Stacey, who sadly lost her fight with OC. Luckily, her legacy lives on and you can share her work with others.

Have any fave teal shopping sites of your own? Do share here or on our Facebook page!