Cancer Discrimination? What’s that?

We want to know, too! For those of you not followers of the Facebook page, we’ll ask you here:

Have you or a loved one been a victim of “cancer discrimination”?

Social exclusion, Discrimination

We should all drink from the same cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cancer discrimination is when a company, non-profit, doctor’s office, grocery store, etc. gives funds or stage time to one cancer – and not any others. What are the dangers of cancer discrimination?

  • Feelings of neglect and isolation in already emotionally and physically fragile cancer victims
  • More people diagnosed at later stages of a cancer or disease due to lack of awareness
  • Lack of funding for research and clinical trials for lesser-known cancers
  • Deaths from cancers that could have been treated early or prevented entirely

We know that the commonality of a cancer should not dictate fundraising campaigns. We will change this!