Weekend Warriors

Hey all! I hope that you have a safe, healthy weekend.  I wanted to leave you all with some food for thought and also ask you:

What are you doing to Take Back Teal this weekend?

Just out of curiosity, I’d like to know what you think about the below (my opinions/venting so please feel free to leave comments):

As an unfortunate result of the hard work and genuine good deeds for breast cancer awareness, we now have controversial billboard ads and flagrantly inappropriate fundraisers  that focus on saving “boobs”, not lives. Those groups and individuals sexualized cancer to the point where we forget that it’s not about young, beautiful women and we are now pummeled with objectifying – yet well-intended (?) suggestive pictures.

Selling sex to sell awareness trivializes the real issue. It’s really great when a porn site gets involved. To the genuine supporters, this is not directed at you. To the others capitalizing on this ‘trend’, I wonder if any of you have ever been personally affected by cancer. If you have,  shame on you – you know that cancer isn’t sexy and saving ‘boobs’ is not the same as ‘treating a disease’, not just a body part that happens to turn you on. If you haven’t, you should know better – women (and men) – of ALL ages, from all walks of life, with all different body types, get cancer. Cancer eats away at healthy tissue and takes over a person’s body….encouraging people to “feel themselves up” leaves out the elderly and the young people (yes, it happens) and makes light of a very serious issue.

Readers, this is not the way I intend ovarian cancer awareness campaigns to go, but guess what? People are talking about breast cancer, for better or for worse.  But at what cost?

So, this weekend I am going to seriously think about and plan out several ovarian cancer fundraisers and movements. Luckily, I am based in Philadelphia so I have a large audience and a whole host of opportunities to consider.

Starting small is the best plan for a successful future.

Step 1, Turn it Teal Tuesdays will now be dedicated to wearing teal from head to toe. I work for a fashion company so access to all sorts of teal clothing will not be an issue. We even sell teal pants so that is not a problem. I’ll look absolutely ridiculous but I will definitely get attention no matter where I go.

Step 2, plan a small gathering of like-minded folks in the area (possibly inviting the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation and others) to let them know what Take Back Teal is all about.  That way, we can differentiate ourselves as not just working to promote ovarian cancer awareness, but that we truly believe in equality and synergy between breast and ovarian cancer.

Step 3, a teal ribbon tattoo.  Easy enough and a permanent statement of my commitment to the cause and another tribute to my mother…just like this one from last year:

mom tattoo
Step 4, convince buildings who turn their lights pink for breast cancer month do the same for ovarian cancer month next year.

I know that the best projects take years to build – and I am so sure that we will realize our mission!

Coming up in the blog: Ovarian Cancer Awareness organizations from around the world. We are on a worldwide fight for early detection.

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