Must-Know Monday: Facing Cancer Together

Nothing could speak louder to a woman diagnosed with cancer than the fear of being seen as “just a patient” or as someone who is “ill”. No woman should have to lose her femininity to cancer.  That being said, three things stand out about today’s Must-Know Monday featured organization, Facing Cancer Together:

1. It’s based in Canada

As much as I hate to admit this, I often forgot that cancer affected real people in other countries. I think it was because I was so wrapped up in my own pain that I couldn’t believe this could truly be such an epidemic. Because of that, I believe that sharing the work of organizations in other countries will only help to unite us all in our fight.

2. It represents all women’s cancers

Facing Cancer Together doesn’t discriminate against any women’s cancers. In fact, the guest bloggers they host (some are more active than others) come from an overall variety of backgrounds, not just cancer-based.

3. It partners with an outside company focused on helping women feel beautiful while undergoing treatment

What I absolutely love about Facing Cancer Together is its emphasis on maintaining  a positive self-image while ill. Look Good Feel Better  “is Canada’s only cancer charity dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and its treatment have on their appearance, and often on their morale”. That alone is amazing – they offer free two-hour workshops devoted to makeup, hair care, and skin care specifically for women going through radiation. The volunteers understand a woman’s needs during chemotherapy and they truly believe that feeling good on the outside helps you heal.

Teens are also included and they have their own workshops designed for helping teens look great for dates, part-time jobs, and more. How great is that?

If you’re in  Canadian territory, use their locator to see if there’s a free workshop nearby. I give major kudos to the volunteers who make these events happen.

4. They maintain an active social network presence

Facing Cancer Together’s Twitter is all aflutter with support, informative retweets, and site news. You can also read blog posts by guest bloggers (all of whom have been affected by cancer in some way), take part in the discussion boards (I can personally attest to the responsiveness of their boards – they’re great), and take a look at their well-organized list of cancer resources. Don’t let their Canadian location discourage you if you’re not in the country – you never know what you can find.

5. They’re having a totally awesome Mirror Ball 2012 benefit:

For the past 20 years the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA) Foundation has helped more than 130,000 women navigate the appearance-related side effects of cancer through the Look Good Feel Better workshops. From our humble beginnings in 1992, to holding over 1450 free workshops at more than 118 cancer care facilities across Canada annually, we celebrate this outstanding 20-year history.

I am so happy I can share this group with you and I hope this helps to expand your cancer outreach efforts. Someone somewhere is working for you – and we are that much stronger because of them!