Cancer is Like A Snowflake…

…and we’re pretty much facing a blizzard.

An insightful fellow blogger pointed out that the “division of cancers by wristbands” was long gone from her mind as a good idea.  I had never actually considered this before and it actually makes 100% sense.

Every cancer is different. Every person who is afflicted by cancer is different. Each person handles, responds to, and challenges the disease in their own unique way – based upon religion, financial position, age, sex, goals, and so on. What’s the commonality?

Cancer all needs the same thing to be researched, cured, and treated: funding.

Funding not necessarily for technology, or for new and novel treatments – but funding for education, for outreach, for making patients and their family and friends feel included and cared about on a large scale.  Funding helps patients feel remembered by the public, and funding helps patients feel that the ephemeral “someone” (the “they” we always talk about) acknowledges their struggles.

Treating one cancer as more unique, more special, more deserving than others is to alienate, to abandon, and to painfully remind sufferers that they are truly in this alone; that they have been forgotten, ignored, and hopeless; that if major media storms aren’t made about them, then they are worthless.

No, each cancer is different, but each cancer is the same: deadly, lethal, and vicious to those whom it chooses to call home. Breast cancer is not the only cancer that takes its victims in a harrowing, unforgiving way – so don’t elevate one disease to a higher status than the other.

We will see – through our efforts – a unified cancer movement, not a publicly and privately funded war on breast cancer. We are all different, but we are all in this together.