Why Not, Wednesday?: Avon

It may have been slightly predictable that I’d  cover Avon in this week’s “Why Not, Wednesday?” post, considering I just mentioned them yesterday in “Real Men Wear Teal“. But, I think they deserve a mention here (is being singled out considered a ‘coveted title’?)…

Avon is well-known (notorious?) for their Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, with their battalions decked out in nauseatingly pink waist pouches

and fancy silvertone “crusade pins” (I didn’t make that up):

Their two causes are breast cancer and violence against women. Both are noble and both are necessary; however, “pinking yourself” on your Facebook page does nothing but distract people from other women’s cancers like, say, ovarian cancer.Go pink yourself!

Thanks, Avon, for turning a color into a dirty word – however, I’m a positive person and I would also like to thank you for giving me a great idea for a great teal campaign (Go teal yourself, Avon!).

Look, I’m not saying any of these efforts are inherently evil, bad, or malicious. I am also not implying that Avon is a bad company (though I much prefer organic, botanically-based, fragrance free beauty products myself) or that you should not sell or buy from them.

What I am saying is that you should listen to your Facebook fans and take some action – or at least change your foundation to represent all women’s cancers/issues. avon

After all, you’d be one of the first few companies to take such a “risk” – now, wouldn’t that help sales for “The Company for Women”?