The Color Wars, Part 1 (a totally shareable blog post)

English: pink ribbon

A pink ribbon for breast cancer. Can’t we all just get along?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A teal ribbon, which is an awareness ...

A teal ribbon for Ovarian Cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just so you know, pink and teal should never be in competition. I was just thinking that we aren’t out to destroy pink, only elevate ovarian cancer to the same level of awareness.

I can understand why pink would be more appealing. It’s a pretty, girly color, and it’s been traditionally associated with pretty, girly things. There’s nothing more girly than breasts, so I can definitely see the obvious correlation. But I think this “color war” is being inadvertently created by companies and organizations who truly have good intentions.

For example, why alienate women with ovarian cancer by making their eyeglasses bright pink? I’ve mentioned this before, but do we really need pink 5-hour Energy drinks?  The last we heard, that company likes to deceive their customers via advertising, so perhaps this is their way of trying to make good.

Real women and men are affected by this color discrimination because the color comes to mean way more than simply “ovarian cancer awareness”. It means real men and women who are fighting for their lives and whose treatments depend on the fundraising that is being overshadowed by breast cancer. The emotions are clearly high, and rightfully so:

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This comment happens to be my favorite:

What’s worse are stories I hear from women whose diseases are forgotten by even their own treatment centers:

This is a long road we’re on, but I know that we’ll reach the day where both diseases share the same spotlight. With  your help and efforts, every little bit will make a huge difference.