Turn it Teal Tuesdays: TealToes.org

Tuesdays at Take Back Teal are “Turn it Teal Tuesday” and I’ll be featuring an organization that works specifically for ovarian cancer. Much like “Must Know Monday“, “Turn it Teal Tuesday” will hopefully give these wonderful groups some exposure and provide you with some new helpful resources. In case you missed, it, last week’s organization was “Turn the Towns Teal, Inc.“.

Teal Toes logo

Today’s featured organization is Teal Toes, a creative ovarian awareness campaign and website based out of Bethesda, Maryland.

Teal Toes was started with a simple mission – to raise ovarian cancer awareness – and a fun method: Paint your toenails (or fingernails!) teal! It’s such a simple way to get a conversation started about ovarian cancer, and teal is such a noticeable color that people can’t help but ask, “Why teal?”.  Even better? Teal-colored nails can be worn year-round and you can schedule a mani/pedi session with a friend (or group of friends!).  There’s definitely power in numbers.

According to the founder(s), a multitude of similar conversations prompted the movement:

Scene: School bus stop, the week after Labor Day.

(Usual hellos, how’s the school year going etc.)

Tori: Wow! New pedicure?
Carey: Yeah!
Susan: What color is that? Blue?
Carey: No, it’s teal. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and teal is the awareness color.
Judy: Gorgeous. Ovarian cancer? Isn’t that what that new vaccine is for?
Carey: No, there is nothing like that for OC. In fact, it is often not diagnosed until the disease has progressed.
Tori: But I thought that is what we get a pap smear for!
Carey: Nope, there is no test for OC. The symptoms are often hard to see. They are:
Pelvic or abdominal pain
Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)
Judy: I think a friend of mine’s mother had that. She just thought it was a tummy thing until it was too late. Why haven’t we heard more about this?
Carey: That’s why I painted my toes! So people would ask!
Susan: Who did them?
Carey: That new nail place over by the theater. They carry all the OPI colors, including this special teal.
Tori: Hey, let’s go tomorrow! Meet me there!

Why not gather a group of girlfriends and schedule a nail appointment right away? When  you’re done, post your picture to Teal Toes’ Facebook page so everyone can see how pretty and powerful the color teal really is:

Teal Nails on Facebook

Teal Toes maintains an active Facebook and Twitter presence, so I’m sure they’ll be happy that you’re doing your best to turn your toes teal!