Doctors Playing Pretend

What’s more valuable – health or entertainment?

I was watching a news segment today that ranked the top-paid TV actors by salary. We are talking millions here being paid to actors, when physicians are paid an average of $280,000, depending on their specialty.

I could never understand why entertainers are paid millions of dollars to essentially play pretend. I am not trying to be insulting but instead, I ask an honest question: Why are the people who play the most important real-life role in our life  paid less than a TV doctor (Hugh Laurie on House) who has never even attended medical school?

Having been through the higher educational system multiple times, I am already aware that education does not necessary equate to “intelligence”.  Yes, we know there are lots of highly-paid, quack doctors.  Yes, we know there are medical students who attend school only for the money.

Despite the outliers within both professions, such a skewed salary rate is an indication of what our society values – not health, but performers, media, and drama.

Some would argue that the world needs a diversion from its every day plights, but how does this kind of obvious salary difference affect real people who need real doctors and research? What do you think?