Why Not, Wednesday? – Yoplait: Save Lids to Save Lives

Readers with ovarian cancer or affected by it: Imagine a world where you no longer had to fight to get recognition and support from big business and cancer societies. Picture your energy being entirely focused on healing and staying healthy (or supporting you loved one) instead of being frustrated by your feelings of isolation.

No one has forgotten you and I’m working to make sure that the names who you’ve supported are no longer ignoring you.

Each Wednesday, I will feature a non-profit campaign or organization or for-profit company that neglects to recognize ovarian cancer.

Social media has the power to reach those who can help you. Together, we can Take Back Teal.

Today’s featured company is Yoplait and their Save Lids to Save Lives campaign. We ask:

Yoplait, why are you asking customers to save the lives of only breast cancer patients? Are you not aware that there is a serious imbalance of funding given to breast cancer versus ovarian cancer? The National Cancer Institute reported that ovarian cancer received only $111 million dollars in FY 2011, while breast cancer received $625 million.  Though breast cancer is more common than ovarian cancer, do not forget that 60% of breast cancer patients are diagnosed in the earliest stages of the disease, while 61% of ovarian cancer cases are not detected until the cancer has metastasized

Though the NCI is just one source of funding for cancer research, the display of pink overshadows other deadly cancers. Information saves lives and you are doing a great job at spreading the word with pink – remember that teal represents the deadliest women’s gynecological cancer. After all, shouldn’t that be the driving force to save lives?

We are not downplaying the severity of breast cancer but we are making companies realize that there are other serious woman’s cancers.

Please be aware that your lack of attention to this disease is harmful to the very customers that purchase your product. Former customers who were or are affected by ovarian cancer refuse to purchase Yoplait yogurt.

We would like to know why you’ve overlooked this disease – and if it is a case of being able to only fund or pick one cancer, why not promote ALL women’s cancers, instead of just one? There are real women affected by this oversight.

Thank you!