Your Voices, Heard

Many of you may have already seen my post promoting the petition to the American Cancer Society for the expanding cancer awareness in the NFL. Some of you may have even signed it – great!

But the comments I’ve read on discussion boards, the petition itself, and in news articles are all linked by one common theme: Isolation and knowledge delivered too late.

The comments are heartbreaking. Some even are selfless enough to mention that we don’t want to “take away” from breast cancer – only share the spotlight.

Breast cancer is not the only cancer – my family has had members with colon, ovarian, brain , breast and skin cancer. The easiest of the cancers to deal with was the breast cancer – support all Americans with cancer not just the “popular” ones. Additionally I have had friends with brain, lung, and liver cancer – we all need you support, your funding, and a voice.

I am a cancer sufferer and was shocked when i went to a NFL game last year and the players wore pink and they even have breast cancer survivors on the field and signs everywhere promoting breast cancer awareness which is all well and good but BREAST cancer is NOT the only cancer.

My grandmother and my great-aunt died recently, and my brother’s mother-in-law died a few years ago, after long battles with ovarian cancer. There has to be a way to publicize this other “female cancer” without taking away from breast cancer awareness–lives depend on it.

I just signed and mentioned that I went to a game last year and it was all about breast cancer – BREAST cancer is NOT the only cancer in the world but the organization is immense and they have the marketing power. Wish there was something like that organization for Ovarian/PPC cancer.

Not surprisingly, the disappointment and anger can be felt in other comments, too.

But most importantly, the voices of women neglected are sadly torn between guilt for feeling that way (more on that later) and the poignant reminder  of how much lack of awareness means to them:

It is hard to see all of the pink EVERYWHERE! I feel guilty because I am happy for the breast cancer awareness, but it is time to share the love and research dollars!!! It is our turn! But then I realize that before 8/15/11 I was not aware either…

So, why the guilt? Is it because we feel we are being too outspoken when speaking out against something that we know has become a problem? We should never feel guilty for asking for something that could save a life.

Remember: Speaking out against all the pink is NOT the same as not supporting what that color represents. Instead, remember that you are speaking out against the companies and organizations who have chosen to remain ignorant to the other women’s cancers.

Don’t be shy about speaking up. And if you are, Take Back Teal is here to support you.

As always, I more than welcome your comments, shares, and questions. This is for you, but also for those of us who we have yet to meet.