Must-Know Monday: Imerman Angels

Must-Know Monday will be a weekly post that features an organization that works for all cancers. The efforts of these groups help to reduce the imbalance between ovarian cancer and all other cancers.

Today’s featured organization is Imerman Angels.

This unique non-profit taps into the most valuable source that cancer patients can use for support: Those individuals who have already been affected by cancer, whether as a survivor or caregiver.  Imerman Angels matches those currently fighting cancer with survivors or caregivers in an effort to create a one-on-one mentoring and support system.

Imerman Angels was founded by 26-year-old testicular cancer survivor named Jonny Imerman.  Though he had the loving support of friends and family, he – like many others – found it difficult to find someone his age to discuss what he was fighting. And thus, Imerman Angels was formed to provide cancer fighters with – what he says – ” walking, talking, living proof to inspire the fighter that he/she can beat cancer”.

I would encourage you all to take a look at their website and share this amazing resource with anyone who you think may benefit. I should also point out that they are running a very inspiring campaign right now called What’s Your Date?, a fundraiser that allows participants to:

1. Share the date that cancer affected their lives.
2. Create a page to tell your story.
3. Share the page with friends, family, and more to help raise funds and awareness for the month leading up to your date.

The beauty of both Imerman Angels and the What’s Your Date? campaign is that it advocates for all cancers, not just one.

I highly recommend checking out this group. Please feel free to share any comments if you have personal experience or thoughts on Imerman Angels.