Toilet Paper, BJ’s [the wholesale club], and the NFL

A quick trip to BJ’s Wholesale Club was yet another educational (and somewhat irritating) experience.  Selected items are marked with – you got it – pink and part of the profits from the sales of the goods goes to…breast cancer fundraising.

Has it gotten out of hand when even Frosted Mini Wheats go pink? What about packaging on toilet paper, juices, and soap?

It seems to me that (as many have suggested in the past)  pink is simply an incredibly effective marketing tool. Regardless of the intention, the point is that it is there, in your face, and a reminder of the cause to all.

If Kellogg’s has the resources to turn cereal boxes pink for October, why can’t they do teal for September? Is it money? Is it lack of funding?

Or…is it the fear that if they expand to ovarian cancer, they’ll have this domino effect of needing to do “all” cancers each month? If that is the case, then they shouldn’t do any awareness at all. And if they still choose to fundraise with their product, choose one unified color or theme, month, product, etc….and represent and donate to all.

Sound ambitious?

Here’s a solution: One month = women’s cancers. One month = men’s cancers. One month = children’s cancers. And the list goes on.

If there’s financial or PR issues at hand, I can balance books well enough to know that changing your donation to different organizations is not all that involved, but if anyone is personally involved with companies and their fundraising, please let me know more about the process.

What about the NFL? Another Sunday and another heartbreaking, in-your-face mass of pink – whistles, the ball, shoes, ribbons…even an…auction?

It’s time for us to simply ask for what we want and why. It’s also time we hear why they only do this for one cancer – and it’s time they (‘they’ being all companies who seem to think that breast cancer is the only one that exists) understand how much harm they are doing by neglecting this disease.

[Side note: The Eagles, to be fair, did place a billboard near Route 95 in Philly  for a men’s cancer that seems to escape my mind; I want to say it was prostate cancer…feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.]