A great explanation on the importance of equal awareness

Please take a look at nerdyjen’s tumblr post  on the need for more funding, awareness, and equal treatment. She does a great job explaining why you should do your research before supporting a popular, in-your-face cause.

I’d like to reference her introductory paragraph to “Pink or Teal?”.  She points out that others do feel that the pink is insulting (I am one of them), but there are so many other cancers out there that need attention, as well. nerdyjen does suggest that the overwhelming amount of ribbons can be confusing – do you think this could possibly be why “pink” gets more attention? Is it “easier”?

We’ve all seen the pink ribbons on everything from yogurt containers to trash cans. Termed “The Pink Invasion,” the abundance of pink has people happy that breast cancer awareness is so high, but leaves some feeling that other cancers are not being given the attention that they deserve. While some feel the abundance of pink insults those suffering cancers there are a lot of different ribbon colors that represent a lot of different things and people get overwhelmed at the choices.